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Ray Congrove

Ray Congrove

Davenport, IA


Iowa based Photographer. My name is Ray Congrove, and I've been exposed to photography since childhood. I watched my Dad make enlargements in his home darkroom when I was 5 years old. We've come a long way in photography since those days wrapped in red safe light. From Junior High, on till today, photography has held a place of significance in my life. After High School, I entered the United States Navy as a Photographer's Mate, and achieved the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class. I only served 5 years, but it was a very intense time for me photographically. I've shot with everything from instamatic cameras to very large process cameras, the largest having a vacuum film back that was 6 foot by 6 foot in size. I have since moved on from film based photography, and am now enjoying the new world of digital photography. Sometimes I miss the old ways of the darkroom, but find the lessons learned there still come in handy in the digital age. It is with great pleasure that I continue my photographic journey, and share what I find with the viewers here on Fine Art America. The name of which is somewhat misleading, as I enjoy seeing viewers and receiving comments from all over the world on this site. Every artist here would love to sell their images, but that doesn't happen every day, so suffice to say, it's an honor to be viewed. Some of the comments I receive, are priceless to me, and make the experience of being here on Fine Art America a real joy. I hope some of my images will connect with people. That's really all I hope for. Thanks for stopping by..


Dash Of Class by Ray Congrove


When A Truck Was by Ray Congrove


Studebaker by Ray Congrove


Machine Shed by Ray Congrove


Fuel Nozzle by Ray Congrove


Gas Pump by Ray Congrove


One Room School by Ray Congrove


Valedictorian by Ray Congrove


School Front by Ray Congrove


Country School by Ray Congrove


Allens Grove by Ray Congrove


Farm Charm by Ray Congrove


Weather Proof by Ray Congrove


Distant Cloud by Ray Congrove


Farm Weather by Ray Congrove


Iowa Barn by Ray Congrove


Chandelier by Ray Congrove


Weather Maker by Ray Congrove


Summer Clouds by Ray Congrove


Sunset Approach by Ray Congrove


Time Traveler by Ray Congrove


Easy Rider by Ray Congrove


On Parade by Ray Congrove


Mother Goose by Ray Congrove


Grey Goose by Ray Congrove